Sinochem International Signs Agreement of Intent for Investment and Cooperation with Jun Sheng Battery and Bordrin Motor


On the morning of August 29, Sinochem International signed an agreement of intent for investment and cooperation with Jun Sheng Battery and Bordrin Motor at the Sinochem International Plaza. The agreement is intended to promote signing parties’ investment in and collaboration on the R&D and application of ternary lithium batteries, new energy vehicles (NEV), smart mobility, and charging services. President of Sinochem Group and Chairman of Sinochem International Zhang Wei, General Manager of Sinochem International Liu Hongsheng, CTO of Sinochem International Chen Baoshu, together with Huang Ximing, President of Bordrin Motor and Zhang Zhiwei, President of Jun Sheng Battery, attended the signing ceremony.

Jun Sheng Battery is an expert in R&D and production of ternary lithium batteries, including cells, modules, and packs, and owns world-leading technology and has extensive experience in industrialization.

Bordrin Motor is a Chinese NEV manufacturer with a global vision. It upholds an R&D path that is independent, controllable and forward-looking. Over the years, its team has developed core advantages in platform chassis, vehicle performance, battery-motor-electronic control technology, lightweight technology, modeling, interior and exterior, and smart drive system solutions

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