Sinochem and BMW Group Deepen Cooperation on New Energy


Sinochem International (600500.SH) announced it is to enhance its cooperation with the BMW Group in the field of new energy power systems.

The agreement takes into account the respective advantages of both companies and is geared towards driving the research and development of applications and manufacture of new energy batteries and storage systems. The agreement will also emphasize on sustainability and the cascade utilization of decommissioned batteries.

First cooperation between Sinochem and BMW Group started in 2018 on battery cascade utilization of the BMW i3 in China. Sinochem has leveraged its petrol station network and extraction technology to utilize decommissioned batteries and to optimize battery life of BMW vehicles. The cooperation also promotes the land utilization rate of Sinochem’s existing filling stations and upgrades them for multi-energy services.

In October 2019, the integrated charging and energy storage station project, jointly designed and constructed by Sinochem and the BMW Group, was completed in Huangdao district, Qingdao city. It is the first integrated charging and energy storage station in China to supply petrol, gas and EV charging simultaneously.

The station utilizes the low night price of electricity to storage power overnight and powers charging facilities during the day. The project adopts intelligent, active and flexible charging foundations and monitors battery charging and operation status in real-time via dynamic double thresholds intelligent detection, making it one of the safest systems in China. The project also marks a breakthrough in Sinochem’s integrated energy storage business and demonstrates its ability to provide high-value power battery solutions independently.

(Sinochem & BMW ESS Charging Station Ribbon-cutting Ceremony)

Starting from the cooperation on the comprehensive energy storage project, Sinochem International and BMW Group have decided to expand the scope of collaboration to battery manufacturing.

The agreement refers to power battery technology and global market coordinated expansion of the new energy business segment and other areas. Sinochem and BMW Group will work together to introduce green and high-tech new energy products to promote the development of energy conservation and emission reduction in China and the world.

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